Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One of the highlights of the week was going to the Nursing Home with the little ones from school. The teachers had asked that I come along as they weren't sure the kids would be heard. Wrong. The students sang very loudly, stood still and were so cute! No costumes this year, the thinking was the patients could see their faces and without masks they could be heard more clearly. The patients were smiling and clapping, so neat. Every class had made some construction paper pumpkins and each child handed one to a patient and the Nursing Home sent a box of candy and cookies for the kids. Only one problem--the bus driver forgot he was to take us and went to the field to work, only to be reminded and was about 20 minutes late picking us up at school! The substitute kindergarten teacher had her class standing at the door waiting to get picked up by the bus and had them doing a neat quiet activity, she would do a motion and they were to copy it. After ten minutes she was running out of things to do, but the kids were quiet and patient!

Chisel plowing has begun. Corn harvest was finished Saturday noon. One combine needs to be fixed--Ben and I had a little problem Friday night and now Larry needs a new unload auger and tube. He wasn't too mad!

Working at the library twice this week as Vicki has a new granddaughter in Chicago that she is visiting. Friday night is the fish fry. Tomorrow I take mother and Pearl and Bethel to the foot dr. How did I ever have time to work full time?

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