Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Great, this morning I wake up with a cold sore on my upper lip where I usually get at least one a year. I hate the feeling of everyone looking right at my lip! Hope it goes away quickly. If anyone has a remedy, let me know!

The county came yesterday and took down all the trees along the road along our pasture to the west. I first noticed when I saw Bill dragging a big tree behind the tractor coming down the lane. I couldn't figure out where he got the tree from, it was a pine tree and we just don't have many trees. Finally, I saw the county truck and heard the chain saw. We have a BIG pile of trees now and it looks funny along the road. Where are the birds supposed to go now? Evidently the county wants to keep the road ditches clean and Bill offered to get rid of the trees for them.

I did a Laura yesterday, well just a tiny bit. I did clean out the storage room and now you can actually walk in there. I have a pile of stuff to be burnt and two big boxes of things to go to Goodwill. I gave Sue the old kitchen chair that mother left here those almost 50 years ago. It was a nice sturdy wooden chair and I hated to throw it away (maybe Sue will and I won't even know). I also still have the old baby basket we all used. Who wants it? It has been here forever and I really don't want to throw it away. If you want it, let me know.

We also took recycling down to transfer station south of Tipton yesterday; for us and Thelma. Thelma won't recycle her newspapers, instead lining the garage with them so some day Larry can burn them for her. She says she doesn't want the address label in the recycling! But we did take her cans and glass. In Cedar County the glass isn't recycled. I don't understand that.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dreary Day

It's foggy and yucky out! Need sun! And then it is supposed to be cold again? I thought it was spring...

We had a fun time at Sherrie's Saturday night. Good to see Jason again. Too bad he had to drive home, Moline airport is not good to him. Hopefully the next time I want to fly I have better luck.

Good to hear that Vanessa is getting phone calls from Caleb. It sounds like they are both doing well. Now if he just receives the packages we've mailed.

We learned about Volunteer Services at Evening Circle Monday night. Elda gave a great presentation and they are trying to get money to pay for the van they ordered. The wheelchair lift in the van is about half the cost of the van.

Off to the library this morning, tomorrow a hair cut and then work at the funeral luncheon. Saturday night is our last card club night for the season.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Walking outside

Yesterday I took my longest walk of the year outside. It was so nice out. A coat was good but didn't have to wear a hood or anything on my head. Matt came last night with the semi to get a load of corn and they stood outside (it was even dark by then)and visited a long time. I don't know if Matt came to get corn or cookies. He came to the door and said "where is my bag of cookies?" so I got rid of the bag I had just put in freezer. Good thing I made two double batches of cookies yesterday morning! He even said his wife said he should get my recipe. Little does he know it is an old one from a Better Crocker cookbook that I've had since we got married.

Monday was a different day at school. They were doing testing except for Pre-K, K and 1st grade. I spent at least an hour cutting laminated objects for Pre-K, had kindergarten kids read to me, and had 1st graders count: by 1's to 100, and by 2's to 20, first starting with 2 and then with 3. Starting with 3 and using odd numbers is a hard concept. I corrected papers for 2nd grade and spent time helping the secretary with report cards. Report cards aren't ABCD&F anymore--and I didn't spend much time trying to figure how they were graded. I had to put plain white stickers on a part of the report card that was printed incorrectly and that took awhile. I could hear music and then found out a brass quartet was playing in the gym. I went in to listen and the four "old men" as the janitor told me, were playing and explaining their instruments. Very interesting and I enjoyed it very much.

Today I go to the library. Last week we weeded the video section, removing almost all of the adult VHS movies and some of the kids'. We don't have a lot of DVD's but will be getting more. Vicki found that there are only a few who take out VHS movies. I then arranged the video section, putting the children's movies on one side and the adults on the other. I'll see if it remained that way today!

Have a box for Caleb to mail this morning. Prayers for him and his unit please!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NC wins 1st game at State

It rained and rained. From the time we left Wells Fargo Arena and all the way home. After watching our boys win big over Cascade we drove to a mall in Des Moines and shopped for an hour, ate supper and came home in the rain. I was thankful not to be driving in the rain in the dark. I got home about 8:30 after a fun day. A big North Cedar crowd was at the game, there was no school and I heard there would be no school on Thursday either. There were 2 busses of kids and 2 charter buses of adults. Go Knights!

Sunday was a full day. Choir sang at church so I had to be there at 9:00. After church we had search committee meeting until 1:30. Came home and got Bill and went back to town to play cards with Harlan and Florence. That was fun. They live in such a neat place and she has things so pretty. This was after card club on Saturday night when we didn't get home until 1:00. Monday was a busy day at school. I (not a math person) helped a 3rd grader with subtracting double digits because on the paper I corrected she had them all wrong. Hopefully she remembers what we practiced and will do better next time. Am off to the library this morning (in the rain I might add!).

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

North Cedar goes to state

North Cedar's boys basketball team plays at state tournament next Tuesday afternoon. I get to go too! A couple friends are going and asked me to go with. Should be fun and the team has a good chance of winning. Today Mt. Vernon girls team plays at state and hopefully I will get to listen to the game on the radio while taking mother to her chiro appointment in Walcott.

Yesterday after being at school a few hours (we had a late start because of the ice coated roads etc) I went to DeWitt to get my wedding ring back. I took it to the jewelry store on Valentine's Day because a stone had fallen out--the ring being brand new. No charge--I would have been very disappointed if there had been!

Prayers for Caleb please.