Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring dinner

Our church's spring dinner was held Sunday to a good crowd, not a really good crowd, but the committee was satisfied, I guess. I helped in the carry out section. This year we served ham, cheesy potatoes, steamed frozen green beans and corn, five salads: cole slaw, an orange whipped salad, a cherry Cool Whip salad, Jell-O salad and a pasta salad, rolls and choice of dessert. Ten people called to have their dinner delivered in Lowden; which is a good thing for the elderly who don't want to miss out, yet can't come to the church. Yesterday Bill had a dr. appt. in Iowa City at the VA so we HAD to go to Riverside after that. After loosing my $10 we then drove to Kalona to stop at the cheese factory and then Springtown Grocery. I got a lucious chocolate angel food cake, YUM! I know it is homemade with fresh eggs and it is so tender and GOOD. I also bought a jar of bread and butter pickles that I know Larry will like. Last Friday night was the Legion fish fry where I wound up helping with carry-outs. We sell quite a few carry-outs and that was one of the easiest jobs I've had while helping with the fish fry. It was well attended. The next and last for this year fish fry will benefit the Honor Flight. The guys didn't get in the field this week because of the rain. Maybe this coming week.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Easter Sunday morning 6:30. I didn't go to Easter sunrise service, I sort of wanted to, but it meant an extra trip to town and getting up really early so--

At 6:30 I was getting ready to eat breakfast when I saw this BIG turkey on the lawn strutting himself--his tail fanned out, his waddle touching the ground, wings dragging on the ground as he strutted around. Beside him I saw 5 hens (Bill said there were 8 altogether, I only saw 6). They were right here on the lawn on the south and west side of the house. They are huge birds. The big tom proceded to walk around the house over to the garage on the east side and then back up to the south. We see turkeys a lot, but I have never seen the tail fanned out like yesterday.

And you all know how I like birds!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Field work

Field work started officially today with Larry and Ben doing some field cultivating at Thelma's. Bill is off working for Liqui-Grow hauling fertilizer. I spent part of the morning at Mother's house while the electrican came and put in GFI's, a new light fixture in the bathroom and fixed the upstairs bedroom light switch.

Sherrie and I took mother to Davenport yesterday to see about a new brace for her leg. The technician (I guess I'll call him for want of a different title) said she didn't need a new brace and just tweaked the one she had a little bit. We ate lunch and took her to a recommended shoe store for a new pair of shoes. She found a pair she liked and they are bone not white, and although she thought they were very expensive she really liked them and thought they felt good.

The first race of the season for Ben was Sunday night at Vinton. He has a few bugs to work out yet; and is talking about going to Maquoketa Saturday night.