Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pastor Stepp

We have our new pastor! After 13 months of meetings, reading profiles, meetings and did I say meetings! We are so blessed to have found Pastor Stephen Stepp, a native of FonDuLac, WI., married with 4 grown children, just recently graduated from the Dubuque seminary. Formerly worked in the restaurant business in Wisconsin and even in Cedar Falls, IA. He will start the last Sunday in November; move into the parsonage the week before, be ordained at his home church in FonDuLac the day before starting at our church. We can hardly wait. We had to give Pastor Mark, our interim, 30 days notice, or Pastor Stepp could have started Monday as far as I'm concerned. He gave a great trial sermon. Even mother said she could hear him and thought he would be "fine". Our search committee sponsored a dessert reception Saturday afternoon after which we took Pastor Steve and his wife Jean to the 3-30 club for dinner. Sunday after church the search committee served a meal to the Stepps and the church council. Now we are ready to have one last meal (and party) together.

Caleb is home here for this week. He has been running the combine for the guys. The corn has to be trucked to Sunbury (because of some different gene in it or some such thing) so Caleb is combining, Ben is keeping the trucks full and Larry is driving the semi and Bill the straight trucks. I was told there were 48 rows left for today and they should be done combining. Just in time as the weather is changing back to fall/winter.

I was volunteered to go with the Pre-K and kindergarten classes on Halloween to the nursing home in Clarence to sing some songs. The music teacher and one of the teachers are unable to go so I was chosen! It should be fun and I'm looking forward to it. The kids are so adorable at that age.

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