Friday, November 25, 2011

One month till Christmas

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. My guests were Sue, Ben, Thelma, Jim, Betty, Jerry, Ron and his girlfriend Denise. Everyone was here by noon, left by 4:00. So many leftovers--I have to learn not to cook so much. Dishes put away, I still need to sweep the floor and then get started taking down Thanksgiving decorations and putting up some Christmas. I have card club here next Saturday. Need to think of a dessert to serve and put some prizes together.

Tomorrow the search committee members are taking a road trip to Fon Du Lac, WI to go to Pastor Stepp's ordination. Sue Boedeker Monson and I are going with Donna & Leroy Leupker. Need to be in Lowden by 7:00 tomorrow morning, ordination is at 1:00 and we probably won't get home till late evening. Then Sunday will be his first church service. Bill and I helped carry furniture etc into the house from the moving van this past Sunday afternoon. Many hands made the work go fast, but I'd say that was the easy part. Pastor Steve and Jean had to put everything away and figure out what they wanted in each room.

At Circle Monday night we trimmed and counted Campbells labels, Boxtops for Education and milk jug caps. It took awhile but we had over 2000 caps and that many Boxtops for Education plus 1000 or so Campbell labels. I took them all to the school Tuesday before I took mother to her chiro appt.

Bill has been busy working--either driving liquid fertilizer truck for Liqui-Grow or hauling lime for JJJ. He enjoys the work although he misses playing cards!

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