Monday, October 25, 2010

2 Months till Christmas

I'm not the least ready for Christmas so we will not talk about that anymore.

An interesting week as you all know. I remember now that hospital sitting is hard work. The best thing is Mother found out her heart is fine and that she has to take pain meds to keep her arthritis pain under control. Also found out that the life line works and she will use it if need be. All the nurses and doctors, first responders and ambulance people were great. Hope this week is more "normal".

Today is school, tomorrow Mother's dr. appt at 10:30 and I have an appt in the afternoon to see about getting my quilt machine quilted and choir practice in the evening; Wednesday is library and at night I am going to a class that Aaron Horman is teaching on FaceBook and Twitter. Looking forward to that. Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Also looking forward to election next week. Then we won't have to listen to all the political ads. I work at the polls so it is a long day--from 6:00 AM to 9:30 or so PM. Hopefully lots of people come in to make the day go fast!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Harvest complete

We finished the harvest on Thursday. Thank God for no breakdowns and no combine fires. More thankful than ever because last night on the way to Tipton we saw a combine burning in the field. It was just 3 miles west of us and the combine was ablaze when we went by; fire engines there already. Made me really thankful we were done with no trouble. This combine is owned by a farmer with lots of acres; hopefully they will get a loaner and get the corn in the bin.

Wonderful trip yesterday to Ames to see all the Kibbes and Lynne too. What a sweet family and of course getting to hold Noelle was nice too. Laura is truly Martha Stewart! Thanks to Sherrie for driving.

Tonight is the silly supper at Circle. When I get home from volunteering at school this afternoon I have to pack up and head back to Lowden to church. Busy day.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dust and bugs

At least twice a day I get to vacumn up flies, those lady bug type things and box elder bugs. I haven't had box elder bugs for a few years but they are thick this year. The lady bugs sit on the ceiling of the parlor and my bedroom and the flies are all over! It must be the hot dry weather bringing them out.

The fields are dusty. It doesn't take but a round and the combine windows are full of dust again. The corn is really dry for which we are thankful. But. Ben and I got a lesson on what to do if the combine starts on fire--like here is the fire extinguisher in this red holder and to use it you pull the pin and squeeze the lever. Take the combine out of the standing corn. After he scared the ____ out of me he left Ben and me alone in the field while he hauled corn to town. There have been a lot of combine fires in the area. I guess he heard the fire company goes out at least once a day. Word was Bob Rowold burnt up his combine. So I am paranoid now if I smell a whiff of what I might think is a fire (usually it is just the diesel smoke from Ben's tractor or I turned and it is the combine diesel smoke). Less than 200 acres to go--we will be done this week.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bean harvest complete

We finished combining beans yesterday at 6:40 p.m. We did a few loads of corn this afternoon; tested dry enough to be put into the bin without drying. Good thing--saves on the gas bill! The corn harvest will start in earnest tomorrow, only 400 acres to go.

I was installed as a part of the search committee in church this morning. As a committee we put out a profile of our church in our search for a new pastor. We will also read the profiles of pastors who wish to come to Lowden. Big job, lots of meetings. Committee is full of good people; Aaron Horman being one. We start the night of the 13th.