Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lowden city election

We had a lot of voters yesterday at the Lowden city election. Write-ins won the mayoral election and a seat on the city council. The four of us that work have done so for many years, we each have our jobs and we get along well. Yesterday brought us some things we had never run into before. Many same day registrations and a lot of address changes. All our registration is done on computer and with this we have issues as it takes more time to process a new registration than a regular voter especially when: a young lady comes in to vote, is not registered so we go through the whole process, she has to show us her drivers license which we find is expired and the computer said the license must be valid. You must show proof of idenitity with a pictures ID unless someone in the voting place knows you and can vouch for you. This was the case here, first time we had run into that. A young man came in to register; the computer said he had the same name as a felon. That made me uncomfortable as I had to tell him he couldn't register or vote if he was a felon. He said he had had a felony charge against him but it was dismissed and his voting rights were restored. Not what the computer said. I gave him phone numbers to check to make sure the state/county got the record correct. We had never run into that before either. It was a busy afternoon and we counted write-in votes for 30 minutes and I finally got home about 9:45 after taking all the equipment back to Tipton.

We had a white dog here yesterday, it wouldn't leave if we yelled at it to "go home" and it was very friendly. Ben and Zach were here and the dog "helped" them work on the stock car in the barn. I left for Lowden and Ben said the dog had left before he did, but when I got home last night the dog was sitting down by the barn waiting, I am sure, for Ben to let him in. When I went to bed the dog was sitting on the west side of the house. Don't know if he was dumped or just couldn't find his way home again. I haven't seen him at our neighbors, so hopefully he found a warm dry place to spend the night.

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