Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bats in the belfry

You've all heard of bats in the belfry, how about bats in the church basement during choir practice? Happened last night. The bat was huge, looked like a bird! One of the men noticed the bat flying around first and had us women putting our books on top of our heads. The basses finally got it into the kitchen and caught it in a dish that had a lid and then brought it out to show us. He was BIG! They let him go outside. Ask Sandra Horman about bats--she was cowered in a corner with the song book over her head. We were told that bats can't fly if they are on the ground;(especially if I step on him, Joy said); that they need lift under their wings to fly. True?

It was interesting in that Pastor Steve had said on Sunday we should think of humerous things that happened in our church life -- now all the choir members have a great memory.

I got the lawned mowed Sunday afternoon. I don't remember ever having to mow lawn in March, but it surely needed it. Yesterday seemed cold, after the 70 & 80's we've had!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


A lot of my time lately has been taken up with typing recipes for our new cookbook. We have over 500 so far and I just got a phone call this morning saying she would mail me her recipes so I know more are coming. I type, Marilyn proof reads and then I retype! We have a meeting next week so we will know then how many Vicki and Julie have typed. Should be a wonderful cookbook according to the recipes I have received.

The rest of my time, it seems, is taken up with doing stuff for mother. I took her some summer clothes yesterday; I called her lawn mower person from last year and told him he won't need to mow this year. Sherrie & Milan are going to do her yard. I am glad she feels comfortable in the nursing home and seems to be doing well.

Racing season begins in two weeks. Ben has been getting things ready, and hopefully he has a safe and fun season.

I have been sweeping up gnats. Those little things are between all the windows. The other night I was knitting by the open windows in the back room and was nearly inundated with them. YUK! Anyone else have this problem?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hanging clothes out to dry

This week I've been hanging my wash out on the line to dry. How wonderful is that? The bedding was hung out Tuesday, yesterday I washed extra blankets and hung them out, today I've got one load of Bill's clothes out and when the towels get out of the washer they will go out too. I am heading to the nursing home this morning, Pastor Steve is doing the church service at 10:00 and I need to talk to the administrator there. After that I want to get some groceries and then come home and type recipes.

We had our joint Lenten service at our church last night. Our Circle served the meal: lasagna, lettuce/dressing, garlic bread and bars. Julie, McKayla and I waitressed and we were very busy. As I told Vicki as we were sitting in the choir loft before church started; when you look out at the congregation--90% have grey hair, does that tell you that only the older folks care about attending Lenten services?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Is it summer yet?

Or did it just feel like it yesterday? If it hadn't been for the wind it would have been hot! When I went to the nursing home they had the windows open in the big room where the dancers from Cal-Wheat were performing. One resident was going outside to sit on the patio and enjoy the weather. The one down-side: until the road dries up it is muddy and my car must weight 100 lbs. more with all the dirt. Doesn't pay to wash it, one mile down the road and it is muddy again.

Choir went with Pastor Steve to the nursing home in Clarence Sunday to sing our anthem during his worship service there. The residents sure enjoyed the service. They sang 3 hymns and Pastor Steve gave a nice service. I stayed and talked to LaVonne Chapman, Louise Hasenbank, June Rowser, Mary Ann Fehling, Lester Rix and others. Came home to visit with Caleb who planned to go back to NC on Monday, but due to plane misfunction; left yesterday instead. Good to see him again.

Congrats to Noelle! Next she will be running all over the place!