Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy Week

The rain left us with 130 acres of corn to plant. We needed the rain though, it was too dusty. Larry said the fields were so dry it was hard to get the seed into the ground with the planter. The rain guage here said .5 inches on Saturday and yesterday I dumped out 1.2 inches.

The big news of the week? They came and installed the cable tv on Tuesday. We had been looking forward to that for nearly half a year. Now all three tv's can get a different channel (which means I don't have to see an old western if I want to watch tv). It is working well. Along with that came a higher speed internet and our phone lines run on the the fiber optic. There is also 100 minutes of long distance on our land line. We'll see if it is worth it when we get the bill! Only down side is no phone in Bill's machine shed--they are charging $16 a month for phones in outbuildings!

Off to church the help put the newsletter together. Tomorrow is a trip to Independence to see Big Bud (the huge tractor at the museum). We are going to see if we will take Evening Circle there on our tour in June.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Planting is Started

Larry was planting corn when I got home from church yesterday. We are done here at home and at the farm by Clarence. I mowed the lawn yesterday and now wish I had done the yard too; it is not as warm as yesterday. Went to school this morning and read MAP tests to 2 students. Some of those words I couldn't pronounce. Maybe you should be smarter than a 5th grader!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ready to go

The corn planter is ready to go. The seed corn was delivered this past week. The planter is filled with insecticide. Now we need some warm weather just like the kind we had last week. Frost on the lawn yesterday and this morning.

I spent Thursday at school typing the 5th graders patriotic essays. It is an assigned class in that they have to write an essay for a Lion's Club contest. For the most part I felt the kids didn't know what "patriotic" means. I read one really good essay and the rest were so-so. Glad it isn't my job to judge them.

Friday night was the Legion's final fish fry of the year. We went with Rick and Deb and sat with Gayle Mess & her husband (I don't know her married name). They are good conversationalists and we had a good time. 221 people were served; almost more than they served at our church dinner Sunday.

I am going to start work on invitations to mother's birthday and Horman reunion this week.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby J's first shower

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. What a wonderful shower Laura and Lynne put on. What wonderful food they served and games they played. Good job, nieces of mine! All those great gifts for Baby J. I know Chelsey and Greg appreciate the thoughtfulness put into everything. Also enjoyed the trip down and back; Sherrie is an awesome driver. Not even one wrong turn!

The lawn is ready to mow; maybe tomorrow. Today we "have" to go to Cedar Rapids to get parts for the Gold Wing; and also "my" toaster quit working this morning so we need a new one for "his" breakfast! Do you suppose we could work in a stop at a quilt shop?

Just read Lisa Scottoline's book, Think Twice. Very good, I highly recommend it. Not a book you can put down, so be sure you have time to read.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Reading Scholarship Applications

My newest volunteer job is being on the Margaret Dallas Scholarship Committee. 3 of us from the North Cedar School District read and rated 16 scholarship applications in the past few days. It is an interesting experience. Almost all of the apps had all A's or almost all A's on their high school transcripts. It was hard to find the best ones as they were all worthy.

My new carpet is in. After months of waiting and hours of carrying everything out of the 3 rooms; it took less than 5 hours to install the new carpet. The "new smell" is almost gone, or maybe I just don't notice it so much. My old carpet was at least 20 years old; I don't believe I will ever have to replace carpet downstairs again. Now I want carpet upstairs; maybe if I forget how much work it is!

Hope everyone had a great Easter and that Dallas is feeling well again.