Monday, August 30, 2010

Almost September

August 30th? Are you kidding me? Where did the time go? School started last Wednesday for North Cedar and today will be my first day of volunteering at the elementary school in Lowden. Looking forward to it and hope I can be of some help to the teachers and students.

Had a great day yesterday seeing Shirlee, Dan, Greg, Chelsey and Charley. Of course our great bus driver, Milan, did a great job too! Grandma, Bill, Ashley and Sherrie made up the rest of our party. Had a wonderful lunch and then spent time seeing Greg & Chelsey's house (and new almost garage) and playing with Charley. Thanks everyone.

Saturday afternoon we went to the Village of East Davenport to an antique tractor display. After a quick trip to WalMart we headed to New Liberty to their fireman's steak supper where we ate with Gene & Linda. Good food and company. Friday noon we took Grandma to the park in Lowden for lunch. It was being served to the public and the people on the Lincoln Highway cruise. It is a 3 day tour on the Lincoln Highway. Many cars, both old and new. They spent Friday night in Cedar Rapids, Saturday night in Ames and then to the western border of Iowa. Something we might consider doing next year.

Monday, August 23, 2010

50th class reunion--who me?

Friday night was spent planning my 50th class reunion--no, that can't be!!! Bill & I and 4 others went to Marion to a class mates' condo and out for supper. We are planning a river supper cruise next August. Now to do the letters etc. to get everyone invited.

Sunday we were on a car cruise that started and ended in Bennett. Went thru Clarence, Stanwood, Olin, Wyoming, Monmouth, Baldwin, Maquoketa (where we stopped for a break at the WalMart parking lot and Sherrie, Ashley & Milan came to see us), Lost Nation, Toronto, Wheatland, Big Rock, Dixon and back to Bennett. Nice ride, good weather--just a little hot--good supper served when we got back. We figure about 65 cars. There was a car just like we used to have that Grandpa Fehling drove, 1959 Ford in that greenish blueish color.

Caitlin graduates this week, Caleb is engaged. Congrats to both!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010


From the Sun News and our own Steve Gottschalk: "The common Green Damer dragonflies were flying around in great numbers Saturday, Aug. 14. They are migrating to the south. I have seen this phenomenon several times over the past 27 years, but this was by far the largest. Hopefully they were catching a lot of mosquitoes as they worked their way south."

Monday, August 16, 2010

This and That

Seems like we spent the last week wiping sweat and swatting flies! Today it feels like I should take down the summer decor and put up fall. I know, it is too early for fall but what a beautiful day it is today. The beans are starting to turn in some fields and I noticed brown on the bottom of the corn stalks. Fall can't be too far away.

Lynne, I like the city with one skyscraper title. Laura, we have been wondering how you fared with the flood waters. Thanks for doing your blog and adding the pictures. I check every day to see what is new! Chelsey, we need more pictures!

Not much happened this past week. I got the lawn mowed again and maybe now it won't grow so much. I have picked a lot of cucumbers from my one plant; got some ripe tomatoes, even picked more beans. I love cucumbers but now have more than I can eat. Even made an Asian style cucumber salad that used soy sauce. It was ok, but think I will throw the rest out.

Chiro appt. for mother tomorrow, Bill's 70th birthday is Wednesday--no plans yet. There is a program planned for Tuesday night at the Massillon cemetery for a WWII veteran commemerating his 100th birthday--a Dr. Shick who has hospitals named after him. Bill will be in the Legion color guard. Sounds like it will be interesting. Dr. Shick was the 1st medical officer killed in World War II. I'll let you know how it was next week.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Strange Sightings

Last night around 7:00 p.m. we saw the strangest things in our yard. There were tons and tons of dragon flies being chased around by lots and lots and lots of barn swallows. All of the swooping around as barn swallows do; the dragon flies evidently trying to keep away from the birds. Good thing I didn't have to be outside! Do dragon flies migrate? Is that why there were so many?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lethargic weather

Just don't feel like doing anything with the rain and heat and humidity. The vacumn pushes so hard across the floor, the windows need washing but it rains all the time and it's too hot. I guess I need a vacation! We did indeed take a very mini-vacation Saturday if doing a whole lot of things in a short time counts as a vacation. We left here at 1:30 to get the Edsel from Mother's garage to be in Clarence at 2:00 to meet the other collectible cars; K C Syring and his hard top convertible; Ron & Kathy Robinson in their Charger and Brian & Becky Bergman in their Mustang. We drove down to Riverside Casino for their car show. Already there was Rick & Deb in their '57 Chevy and Glen & June Gadke in their car (sorry, I don't know what it is). Spent about an hour in the casino, left my money there too! Came back to Clarence for their Highway Buy-Way day car cruise which was just a drive on the Clarence Streets. We left from there, picked up Mother in the Edsel (she loves that) and went to the Lowden Park for their Park Days supper. After taking Mother and the Edsel back to their respective places, we went to Pat & Betty Blake's 50th wedding anniversary reception. Could have eaten supper in any of the places we visited--why did this have to be all on the same night? We heard the Manchester car cruise was Saturday too, missed that.

School here starts the 25th, teachers have to go on the 20th. I told Ann if she needed help before school starts to let me know. She is going to be busy; her daughter's baby is due the 26th if she goes that long and they already know the baby has some issues and will be in intensive care for a little while after she is born. Hope the best for all of them.

Monday, August 2, 2010

My lawn

My lawn is a mess! Thanks to all the rain and the water grass, grass that gets too long before I mow, and the moles, yuk! I have dead grass (if I lived in town I would have to rake) laying all over the lawn. That is except where the mole has dug and left mounds of dirt, and killing the grass wherever he traveled. We have 160 acres here, why does he like my lawn the best? In other horticultural news, I have been getting a cucumber every other day and one of the tomatoes has turned a slight orange. I have had enough green beans to eat with my little 2 foot row. A friend gave me some pole beans and Sherrie brought more cucumbers. Yum!!

Off to get a hair cut this morning; taking Mother to the chiro tomorrow, library on Wednesday and maybe a day out with Vicki on Thursday. This weekend brings a car show at Riverside Casino; Blake's 50th anniversary celebration at the Lowden Legion; Lowden Park Days, Clarence's car show and street dance and the Highway 30 ByWay garage sales. I think those are all on Saturday. Where to go, where to go.