Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Parsonage cleaned and ready

Monday was a fun day at school. I was correcting 3rd grade math papers. One of the questions was those "hard for me" questions, like Dan followed Keith, Keith was 3rd etc etc. Then the question was what line were they standing in? One of the kids answered with "strait"! I just cracked up. What thinking that took! Some of the teachers didn't have much for me to do as last week was conferences and there was no school on Friday. I did get to have 1st graders read to me and had kindergarteners read number flash cards (from 1 to 25). Some of them couldn't get past the single digits and others just zipped thru.

Sunday afternoon Donna L., Janis K., Phyllis B., Connie M. and I washed windows and cleaned blinds at the parsonage. Pastor Stepp will be moving in this Sunday afternoon. The carpet has been cleaned; the kitchen cleaned top to bottom (the counters have been sprayed with a marble looking finish, looks wonderful--the same was done in the upstairs bathroom. Wes G. was still working on putting in a new floating floor in the downstairs bathroom, hall and fireplace room. I didn't realize until Sunday how many windows and closets are in that house. Every room has at least one very roomy closet! I hope the Stepps are happy with the house.

Time to plan Thanksgiving dinner. I don't know how many are coming. Jerry's wife, Betty is having some health problems and didn't know what they would be doing. Oh well, I'll fix a turkey and those who can come will.

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