Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Much ado

Much to do and much ado this past week. Getting a phone call at 11:00 at night is never a good thing. Sitting in the ER and surgery waiting room isn't either. But things get better and Mother is doing very well recuperating. Thanks to Shirlee for her trips to Cedar Rapids and to Sherrie who is trying to remodel her kitchen, work and take care of Mother! I went to the house yesterday and cleaned out the fridge, paid a bill, turned down the thermostat and unplugged everything that didn't need to be plugged in.

Today is visitation for Lillian Brendes who at 100 fell and broke her leg and then had a massive stroke. One of mother's best friends, her funeral is tomorrow. I am having my cookbook meeting at the library this morning--the one I was going to host last Thursday. Choir practice is tonight also.

I guess from the looks of things, we won't be going to a wedding in DC. Vanessa has decided to call it off. It will be very hard to be a Marine's wife, I think and they have to do what is best for the both of them.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Not a good week so far

The week started with Sherrie's phone call about Jason's accident. Jason was a very lucky man and I sure wish people will move over when they see an officer or DOT worker parked on the side of the road.

Mother had a dr. appt. Monday but Nancy said she could not find anything wrong with her. Mother's biggest complaint was she had no pep. Nancy asked her if being 91 had anything to do with that! Her urinary infection was cleared up; they did take some blood but I haven't heard the results of any of those tests.

Yesterday I was supposed to serve the Committee on Ministry at church but because of the weather the meeting was cancelled. Now I have lots of chili in the freezer and ham and cheese to make oven baked hot ham and cheese sandwiches. I also made a spread to put on the sandwich; butter, horseradish mustard, onion,dill weed and poppy seed. Puts a little more taste in what is a bland sandwich. I got my hair cut yesterday afternoon and stopped to give Pastor Steve tickets for the beef supper and ask him to stop and see Mother. He had already given her a call when I called her later in the afternoon.

I just talked to Mother and she said she felt better than she did yesterday but still doesn't have any pep! She probably worked harder this morning already than I will all day! She sounded fine but was worried about her friend Lillian (100 years old) who fell yesterday and broke her leg. Poor Lillian, it is going to be hard for her to heal, I would think.

Monday night we had Evening Circle meeting with a fun night. Played an interesting game--we had to pop a balloon that had a note inside. The note gave you a question to answer or something to do. Julie had to do the "hokey-pokey"; I had to name the Sunday School teachers. One was name 3 women in the Old Testament and other religious questions. Fun trying to pop the balloon. An idea for a kids party too.

Having cook book committee meeting here tomorrow. Hopefully the rest of the week is better than the first few days!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

BB game

We went to our first North Cedar basketball game last night. North Cedar played Tipton and both NC varsity girls and boys won easily. We specifically went to this game to see Ron Elijah's ex-wife's son, Alex, (who lives with Ron) play for Tipton. As a sophomore he was on the starting varsity team (he also quarterbacks the football team for Tipton). They need some leadership and maybe by the time he is a senior he can be a leader and they will win some games. We enjoyed the game and except for the 4 year old sitting beside us who was taken here and there by his mother numerous times it was a fun night. Much better than staying home and watching the Hawkeye's lose.

We are planning our first cookbook committee meeting next Thursday at my house. I would appreicate it if those of you who read this would send me a couple of recipes to publish in the book. The more recipes the better! We plan on having this book ready by October so it can be used as Christmas gifts.

Spent yesterday at the library after taking mother to her chiro appointment. Her neck is hurting her again. I don't believe the chiro was of much help. Vicki and I went to Schneid's for lunch and then took a walk around town before coming back to the library to proof read what I had typed.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

bigfoot tracks

On my walk this afternoon I followed Bigfoot tracks up the road to the south and to the north. I know this is Bigfoot but Grandpa is trying to convince me they are horse print tracks. More fun for the tracks to be Bigfoot, don't you think?

Took on another volunteer job; this one typing the complete Clarence Centennial Book; it was published in 1959. It will be on the Iagenweb site when I get it finished. There is a lot of narrative which is fun to type; the not so much fun is a chart of advertisors and one of photographs. I have learned a lot about the history of Clarence. I am still typing obituaries on the site also and am finding out who is related to who, some of which have surprised me. This is in between trying to find time to make some quilt squares, I received a bunch of pretty fat quarters for Christmas so I need to make some time to work with them. While volunteering at the library I am typing up a list of marriages that have been written in a note book by some ambitious person starting in 1903. I have gotten as far as 1925. That will also be on the web site--someday!