Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Almost December

Nov. 30 and it feels like winter! I don't mind the cold, just hope we can have good weather for the weekend. Saturday Lowden is having it's Christmas Kickoff at the Legion. They serve a free continental breakfast and there is a mini bazaar with venders and the Lowden library is having a cookie sale. Santa and Mrs Santa will be there too for the kids. It usually is a good money maker for the library. I finished my cookie donation yesterday; my thumbprint cookies turned out well--then I tried some "big molasses cookies", a new recipe I wanted to try. Only had 1/4 cup of molasses instead of the 1/2 cup called for so I subbed in white corn syrup. The cookies were supposed to be rolled in "coarse" sugar, of which I had none so used regular sugar. It all would have been alright, except Dan Sander came to put in Bill's new Ti-Vo and in the midst I forgot if I had added the spices. Just added more cinnamon, can't go wrong on that I thought. Then as I had my first pan in the oven--the recipe said 15-18 minutes at 400 degrees--Dan started my lesson on how to use the remote. I guess I didn't hear the timer go off and really burnt that pan full. It's a wonder we didn't smell it, that sugar burns easily! Did finish the batch of dough, but didn't bake them near as long as the recipe said. They didn't taste bad at all and am taking the good ones to the cookie sale.

Bill had had a lesson on using his new tv toy; so he could tape his soap opera. Only thing is he forgot how to do it and used a few naughty words trying to figure it out last night. Finally gave up. He has a new tv coming from F & B in Wheatland and might have to have Dan out again to set it up and give another lesson!

Hosting card club here Saturday night. Have to get ingrediants for the dessert this afternoon while I take Grandma to WalMart. Thursday afternoon we are going with Klahns to the John Deere Pavilion in Moline where they have a combine made of canned goods. After it is taken down the canned goods go to the food pantry. The picture in the paper looks pretty awesome, a full sized combine by the looks of it. Marilyn has a coupon for Texas Roadhouse so will go there for supper!

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