Thursday, February 2, 2012


Schools in this area have been delayed 2 hours because of the dense fog. I don't have to go anywhere until later so I am glad I don't have to drive in this stuff.

My computer crashed and I have to get a new tower. My desktop computer was old (by computer standards) so I am learning to do stuff on the laptop that I usually use my desktop for. Luckily I had saved the important stuff, Brooke says she can transfer a lot from the old to the new. I don't have a few email addresses and other sites I normally use.

I have visited mother in the Nursing Home quite a few times; and am going today. She was complaining about her clothes (I brought all the wrong ones) and the food (they just feed her leftovers). I figure if she feels well enough to complain she is feeling pretty good. She has a nice room and the people working there are very helpful. Hopefully she is working on getting strong enough to come home.

We have been to the funeral home twice in the last 2 weeks; the latest for 60 year old Pat Boedeker who had been sick for a few years with cancer. She is now at rest and the family too. Prayers are needed for our superintendents wife who is battling stage 4 brain cancer and starts her treatments today.

I had a little time yesterday to make 2 quilt squares from the bright and pretty fabric Chelsey gave me for Christmas. If I ever get it done, I'll post a picture.

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