Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The sun is shining

What a pretty morning it is. I am so used to not having the sun shine, it looks wonderful today. Sherrie and I will meet at Wheatland to have our first staff meeting at the nursing home. Hopefully, we will find some answers, and the staff will probably too. Last night mother took a trip by ambulance to the DeWitt Hospital, but was back in the nursing home within a couple hours. She has had a stroke, but it has affected only her right leg/foot. Sherrie noticed it on Sunday because mother was lifting her right leg high; mother said her foot felt "heavy". She was able to answer questions, the rest of her is fine too.

We had supper at Schneid's last night for Valentine's Day. Ron and Kathy joined us at our table and by the time we left the place was filling up and was getting noisy!

School was fun Monday with lots to do. The kids were excited about Valentine's Day and the teachers, well, let's just say the kids have more fun than the teachers! I listened to stories, the 4th graders can pick which book they want to read to the volunteers and I love listening to their good books. Only wish I could hear the whole book instead of a few pages. The 1st grade all read the same story and the volunteers mark on a page how well they did. The 2nd graders do "rocket math" which is a timed test that we get to check. Usually the same for 3rd grade but Monday I got to count out 10 Valentine candy hearts, 3 chocolate animal cookies and 3 vanilla animal cookies to put in a bag for each of them for their Valentine treat. In kindergarten a few read to me; one girl named Gabby is well named!

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