Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Recipes please

Today we went with Rick and Deb to Riverside for the morning. We get there early enough that there aren't many people there. We came back to Iowa City for lunch and some shopping. I have decided that we have to enjoy every day as much as we can because life can be too short.

The Legion beef supper went over well Saturday night serving over 500 people. We are still eating some of the left-over beef we bought afterwards. It is really good, but I think I will need to make something else for tomorrow night. We are taking Grandma to see her surgeon tomorrow morning; hopefully they will take out the staples and her drain tube. I wonder how the cold weather will affect her as she hasn't been outside since we took her to the nursing home. And hopefully we can find the dr.'s office without too much trouble!

We are working on our cookbook for church, getting the recipes we have typed up etc. Still need more recipes--Shirlee, Lynne! I know you have some, just email them to me.

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