Thursday, February 23, 2012

Snow in the forecast

Cheryl comes to Iowa today and will probably be greeted by snow. There was snow on the ground the last 2 mornings when I got up; but in a couple of hours it was completely gone. This time they are predicting more, that is how we welcome Californians to Iowa!

We had Circle Monday night and made and baked small cherry pies for our shut-ins and nursing home residents. Marlene W. and I headed to the Clarence Nursing Home to deliver 2 pies; and then to Wheatland for the next 4. We have one parishioner in the assisted living part and the other 3 in the nursing home. Mother's room mate, who also belongs to our church, didn't want her pie so I took it over to Uncle Elmer. That made his day. He just couldn't wait to find a fork! As usual, we had a lot of fun making pie dough (well, I sort of watched) and putting together lattice tops and baking the pies. The people in charge of refreshments made cherry pie for us to eat too! Those not making pies make labels that we put on the plastic bags that the pies go in. It is a fun night. Our next project will be serving a meal before our Lenten service in March. I get to make chicken lasagna; we also serve beef lasagna and salad and garlic bread.

Tomorrow night is our Legion fish fry again. Always a busy night. Ben and Sue are bringing Cheryl so she gets a taste of what real food tastes like!

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