Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Corn harvest

The guys started doing corn last week and I haven't had to help yet! The first fields they worked in had corn that was laid down, twisted and darn right hard to combine in that they couldn't see the rows ahead and had to only guess or try to look ahead and see a root system to help guide them down the rows. Larry has his fields at the hog farm, across the road from there done,the bin full at Grandma Elijah's and they started here yesterday. Only here, the rest of Grandma's and 112 acres at the Fisher place left to do. Larry said his dad must like the new combine; as he can't get him out of it! Ben has been good help; he is taking tests at the Kirkwood center in Tipton in conjuntion with his classes at DMAC early in the morning. I don't know when he has time to study, but hope it is going well for him.

At our Evening Circle meeting Monday night we put ribbons in our hymnals. We thought having ribbons to use as book marks would help. Do any of you use them at your church? Bonnie Kintzle and I worked together; did the first six wrong so had to re-do them. All the hymnals got finished in good time; but still didn't get home in time to watch Dancing With the Stars.

This weekend is our pastoral candidate weekend. Hope everyone votes yes and we have a new pastor starting the last Sunday in November. We are making desserts for the dessert reception Saturday evening; are taking Pastor Steve and Jean to the club for dinner after that; and are fixing a meal for Sunday noon to (Hopefully) celebrate Pastor Steve's acceptance. THEN soemtime later we are having one big bash (just our search committee) to celebrate being DONE!

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  1. Our hymnals have ribbons. Kids (and some adults) spend all of church worship braiding them. Many are very frazzled, but it was a good idea.