Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is it October?

Really, it is too warm outside for October! We have been combining beans for the past few days. It is really dusty in the fields and on the roads. Please be careful driving on the gravel roads! The beans are doing good; so far we have had only a couple break downs; and I don't have to start work till noon or so! All is well.

Tonight is Jay Weiland's visitation. He was only 47 and suffered two years with cancer. Although you could never see it in him; always upbeat and working. Jay was in Larry's class in school and a very hard worker. Lowden will miss him.

Our search committee has finished our work! We have a trial sermon Sunday set for October 23. We visited a neutral puplit in Ryan, Iowa; had a second interview and all of us on the search committee feel we have found the right person for our congregation. Hopefully they feel the same way and our new pastor will start with us for the first Sunday in Advent.

I finished typing the book from 1910. To find the bio on Christian Fehling go to; then to IAGENWEB Project; then click on county projects on the left side; click on Cedar. On the Cedar county page click on Histories of Cedar Co. From there go to Volume II Biographical and you will find an index, go to Fehling and there it is. There are other names familiar to Lowden and also one of Bill's ancestors, Edmund Elijah.

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