Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Caleb is back!

Caleb got back to NC yesterday. Hoorah! Ellen and Larry were out to greet him and to meet Vanessa's parents. I will learn more when they get back which I think is today or tomorrow. What a nice birthday present for Ellen.

We had a good weekend on our annual Wisconsin cruise with the old cars. We met in Anamosa and cruised northeast toward Viroqua where we spent the night. We visited Amish country and a threshing bee on Saturday; Sunday we drove through some awesome country where the leaves were turning colors. Very pretty. We saw Amish children walking to church dressed in their best; buggies pulled by horses with families going to church; and saw corn shocked in fields. This all on the way to Gays Mills where we stopped at Sunrise Orchard and then went into town to see their festival. We were to be in their parade, but since it was raining (almost all weekend) we opted out and came home. We stopped in Fennimore to get some cheese and Bill noticed some old tractors so we stopped to look at them; Bill talked to the guys while I bought some homemade kettle corn (which may be the reason my tooth hurts today). The windshield wipers on the Edsel turn on from the inside; but turn off only by getting under the hood. Sometimes we had to drive a long ways with the windshield wipers flapping on dry windshield.

Ben has one more race (I think I have said that before!) in Tipton on Sunday afternoon. He tried racing in Marshalltown Saturday night but got in a wreck and needed a new A-frame among other things. Good thing it is raining so he has time to work on the car.

Caitlin got to go to Sioux City to a hair show over the weekend. She said she learned a lot and enjoyed the trip.

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