Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Amana a bust

Due to the icky weather on Sunday, not many cars came for the charity cruise and show. Bill and Sue took the Edsel up as we were to work in the registration booth with others as they were expecting a lot of cars. I was told one person could have worked the both and not been busy. Anyway, Bill and Sue took the cruise and came home with chocolate, wine and peanuts. Sue got to go shopping with Lee and Deb.

I got to go with our search committee to hear a prospective pastor. We left Clarence at 8:00 and got home around 2:30. It rained part of the way there and all the way home; not a hard rain but wet nonetheless. I went to Tipton for some groceries after we got back. Then I tried making the salad I wanted to take to Circle Monday night. It was a cherry jello & cherry pie filling base, with cream cheese mixed with crushed pineapple top. Well--I couldn't get the cream cheese stuff to spread at all, and it only covered part of the top. So--Monday I made a carrot casserole to take instead. Yesterday I scooped the pineapple stuff off the top, put the jello into dessert dishes and put some cool whip on it for Ben, Larry, Bill & me for lunch. Was better that way anyway!

Went to Fox's pond for our Circle meeting Monday night. So very pretty there; the pond was as smooth as a mirror and the reflections at late afternoon beautiful. All but 1 member was there for a pot luck supper and bingo and a short business meeting for us women.

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