Wednesday, September 14, 2011

School board election day

What a Tuesday! Because I had a dr. appt. in Cedar Rapids, my cohorts and I decided to set up for the school board election in Lowden at 8:00 a.m. In doing so we find ourselves short one cord, a very important cord, so I called the Auditor's office and they would get us one. My appt. in CR was at 10:00 so by 8:45 I left Lowden. All went well at the dr. office; got a blood test; mammogram; bone denisty; pap smear; flu shot and tetnus shot. Was back in Lowden by 12:05. Could have been there sooner; but somewhere between Clarence and Lowden the hazard lights went on in my car. I could NOT figure out how to turn them off or why they were on. I pulled over and read the book, but still couldn't find the button to push, by the radio it said, but there isn't really a "radio" on this screen. Oh well, I drive to Lowden with the hazards on. Pull up in front of city hall, meet the auditor who is just leaving. I ask about the cord--it was there all the time, just in a place where we didn't look (Of course). I tell her I can't turn off the hazard lights; by the time she comes to my car I find the dumb button and turn them off. I think she now KNOWS she hires really dumb people to work her elections!

We stay at the polls until 8:00--we have a total of 29 voters, including the 4 of us, so just 25 people bother to vote. This costs the school lots of money and no one cares enough to vote, but we had no competition so the incumbants win of course. We play a lot of cards and eat lots of snacks to pass the time. After 8 we clean up; modem in the results and load up my car so I can take all the stuff back to Tipton. Seemed like a long day!

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