Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Social

On Sunday after I got home from church, Bill announced there was a car show in Muscatine. We weren't going to enter the car in the show, we would just go for a little while and look at the cars. When will I remember that that means we will enter the car in the show and will be there a few hours? When we got to Arnolds, where the show was held, there was one place left to park in the parking lot, we got registered, had a free lunch, looked at the cars, sat in lawn chairs in the full sun (no shade there), and talked to people who had never seen an Edsel before, or who said my grandfather/dad/uncle had one. At 2:00 the show was over and we headed to the Muscatine Farm & Fleet Store. I got a new rug to put on the porch and Bill got some sanding disc things he wanted. We wanted to go to Delmar so we took the scenic route which took us through Davenport! Not exactly what we planned but interesting.

Sherrie's church was having a lawn social and it was so nice. They served many kinds of sandwiches, potato salad or chips, a very nice fruit cup (Ashley helped cut up the fruit) and a vast array of pies. The social was held between the church and parsonage on a shady lawn area. Very, very nice. For such a little church, they put on a good spread.

Friday night races didn't turn out the best for the Chapman gang. Ben spun out in the feature, had a car get stuck underneath his (she really had nowhere to go) and he has been working every night on getting his car ready to run again. Even Grandpa and Uncle Larry have been involved. Dan's car was in worse shape as he ran into a spun out car in front of him and then was rammed in the back. Better luck this Friday!

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