Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Tragedy

Another ATV accident in Cedar County, leaving Scott on life support with head injuries (as of this writing I do not know if he is still alive). Scott is 30, is married with 2 little kids. His parents lost their only daughter 15 years ago the day before Father's Day in a car accident. Then this happens the day after Father's Day. Their dad had said he hated Father's Day before this---. My friend Vicki's (the Lowden librarian) son was with Scott but walked away with just road rash.

On a better note, I washed a red shop rag with Bill's underwear yesterday and the underwear turned a beautiful pink. I really could't see him wearing pink socks so I used bleach and washed them again, hung them on the clothesline hoping the sun would shine and help bleach them. Any other ideas? They are still pink, just not the bright pretty color of pink they were.

Last night we had another interview with a prospective pastor. All but one of us on the search committee were impressed. Another meeting in a week to see what we want to do. Sue Boedeker Monson and I took the couple for their tour of Lowden and the church and parsonage. Luckily Sue took over the narrative and I didn't have to say much. Our committee is gets along so well, we will miss each other once we hire a pastor and we don't meet every week.

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