Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Yesterday afternoon we went to the church for the visitation for Scott Dierks, who died of his injuries in an ATV accident. Visitation was held in the church instead of the funeral home because of the big expected crowd. We got there around 4:15, visitation started at 3:00 and 300 had been there already. Flowers, flowers and plants. So many. I bet at least 150. Why? He has 2 young sons and a young wife. Why wouldn't you just give a memorial? I know both families have plenty of money but still. Why so many plants and flowers and how does the family take care of all of them? I don't understand.

Took the Edsel in the 4th of July parade in Tipton. Lots of spectators lined the streets to watch. Of course, I never get to see the parade, just whatever is in front of us. Ron & Kathy's Charger had to leave the parade after a couple of blocks because of overheating and a pink Thunderbird pulled out too. I guess that extra fan Bill put on the Edsel is a good thing. Spent the evening at Bob and Donna's; sitting outside visiting (can you tell we are old people?), having supper and playing cards. Didn't even go to fireworks.

Last night we had search committee meeting again to see what we all thought of the 3 prospective pastors we interviewed. These were face-to-face interviews at our church. We are not all satisfied that one of them is "the one" yet. We don't want to settle, but we do want to get a pastor. Hard work.

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