Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day trips

I got to go to 2 places yesterday. First I took Mother to her chiro appointment in Walcott. Not very interesting although I tried an experiment. Last week when I took her to WalMart for her pills, she said she wanted a cane as she could hardly walk from room to room. I DID NOT notice this to be a problem as she walked into the store and back without difficulty. So yesterday I parked down a few spaces so she had to walk a little farther into the dr. office. She did fine. I haven't heard again about wanting a cane. She walks very good for a 91 year old I think. What have you noticed?

Then in the afternoon I got to ride along with Bill to Monmouth to get tractor parts. We took the scenic route over gravels. Some pretty area up there, lots of hills. And to think that is the highlight of my day!

Saturday we took the Edsel to the Iowa Mennonite Sale at the Johnson County Fairgrounds. They have the best food there--by 10:00 I had eaten a piece of fresh homemade bread spread with homemade apple butter; an apple fritter and a piece of rhubarb pie with homemade ice cream! We sat in our lawn chairs by the car and talked to/listened to people discuss the car. Most liked the aqua interior. Then we made a quick trip to the new WalMart, said Hi to Caitlin who was working at Cost Cutters, got groceries, and started home. It was very hot in the car--finally convinced Bill to pull over and turn off the heater (something he has to do under the hood)! Sunday we went to Delmar to help Sherrie's church by eating at their food stand.

Today will be different; story hour starts for the summer at the library so I get to be there from 10:00 until afternoon story hour is over. At 5:00 I need to be at church for our first face-to-face interview with a prospective pastor. I need to grill chicken breasts before I go to town for our supper. Hopefully I have everything ready to go so I can get to the church on time!

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