Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wild flowers

I noticed on my walk yesterday that nearly all the wild roses in the road ditches are in bloom. What a pretty pale pink color they are. They do not last if you pick them so the best thing is just to admire their beauty in their wild state. Also, I noticed that bull thistles have the most pretty purple flower. A bad thing, because the flowers will turn to seed and we have enough thistles already! A lot of other flowers abound in the road ditches but I don't know their names.

Another unusual sight was Sunday while mowing the little place I like to mow along the road. A turtle came from the west side of the road, walking (pretty fast, really) towards me on the lawn mower. I backed up, the turtle changed course and came towards me again. He wasn't a really big turtle, maybe 6-7 inches long. I picked him up but he wanted down so I put him in the grass, hoping he won't come out and be squashed by a car on the road. Wished I had my camera or phone with me but of course didn't.

Tonight is our second face-to-face interview with a prospective pastor. Last week's interview went really well. Pray for our search committee's wisdom. This is a hard job!

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