Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mother Nature good to us

We lucked out with the weather earlier this week. The poor people in Vinton and surrouning areas have so much damage. Heard that Mike Wiedenhoff had damage at his new home. We took a drive north of here and a lot of corn is down; maybe will come back up but on Monday night looked terrible. Larry scouted his fields and didn't find any damage except for a small area here and we are very lucky. This morning I opened the house up again. What a nice dry cool breeze from the east! Better enjoy it when we can.

Friday night the races were fun, not too hot. Ben did a good job finishing 6th in his feature race. Cedar County fair starts today and they are having a special sprint car race tomorrow night with the B-mods racing also. I don't know if I can take 2 nights of racing in a row as the fair will have the regular Friday night races. Still makes me nervous!

Seeing Kathy & Dave Koch's daughters at the Horman reunion was great! Haven't seen them for a long time and now they are all grown up. The reunion was held at the park; very hot there, but we had a good time. I spent some time sitting outside visiting with Linda Horman, Linda Charlot, Ashley, Aunt Erna, Aunt Darlene and Aunt Irene. Patricia brought Uncle Elmer. He looked great. Linda C. said she was having the picnic at her house next year. Hope you all can come. She has a fabulous old house and they say her yard is beautiful.

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