Wednesday, May 4, 2011


We see a lot of wild turkeys around here, but Sunday I saw something I had never seen. On the hill to the southeast was a big black spot, Bill said a turkey; I said a deer (it was that big)! It indeed was a male turkey with his tail feathers fanned out. I had never seen this before and with the help of binoculars I could see him standing there in all his glory with 5 females around him. You know I don't like birds; but this was something to see.

Larry has been busy putting little sweatshirts on all the corn seed he has been planting. They started Monday morning and have been at it since. Bill and Ben are getting the fields ready for Larry. Should have the corn all planted either today or tomorrow, depending on equipment malfunctions etc. So far, so good.

Ben's first race Friday night was exciting and he did really well during the feature as he stayed behind the rest and just got the feel of the car and track. He did finish, not last, second to last, but not last and had no spin outs. The heat race on the other hand--well, he finally pulled off much to my relief. Ben said yesterday that he would like to find others to help him rent the track for practice, but to rent the track costs $500. Last night found Ben and Bill working on the car; the oil pan has a hole in it. We won't be able to go to the races this week as we have to work at the Legion Fish Fry, the last one of the season. All proceeds will go to the Honor Flight.

Prayers for Caleb and the 3/2, please. Life might have gotten more difficult for them since the death of Bin Laden. Hopefully no reprisals but all our servicemen need our thoughts and prayers.

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