Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer !!!

Did I miss spring? Yesterday was almost too hot. I took Grandma to her chiro appointment and had the air conditioner running. Mowed lawn without a jacket. Got my neck sunburnt. The new air conditioner in the house didn't work. Yep, summer must be here.

Spent Friday night at the Legion Fish Fry (where we fed over 300 people) instead of the races. Ben's car came back with a busted front side, bent rim etc., but it was not his fault. A car spun out in front of him and he had no place to go. So said his Grandpa Chip. We saw Chip at Dorothy Holtz's funeral Saturday morning. Saturday evening Rick and Deb took us to Monticello for dinner as pay for doing their cat chores while they were gone and to pay ahead for when they leave again this month. Deb is taking me for my first ever pedicure and manicure today. My nails and feet are so ugly, the clinician will probably have to hide her face to either laugh or throw up.

Bean planting going well, should be done in a day or two.

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