Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Anyone else disappointed in the finale of Dancing with the Stars? I personally didn't want to see Christy win anything. Himes did a great job and deserved the trophy.

We went RACING in Newton Sunday. A great day. Nobody told me to wear my walking shoes, however. We did a lot of walking--from the parking lot, to the fan walk, back to the parking lot. There was water and mud there from the rain on Saturday but Sunday's weather was great, not too hot, sort of cloudy. We sat WAY up high on the bleachers, but hey, the tickets were free. A lot of people we knew were up there with us, all with free tickets from Green Valley. One more thing to take off my bucket list.

We missed the weather here on Sunday, there was wind and north around Olin/Stanwood there was 3 inch hail. Not like the poor people in Missouri so we will count our blessings once again.

Getting closer on finding a minister. Our search committee is having personal interviews in June. Wish us luck!

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