Thursday, May 26, 2011

Even little ones stink

While pulling weeds on the west side of the house this afternoon I was startled to see 5 or so baby skunks right by the step for the door of the living room. A couple days ago a adult skunk was walking around on the lawn south of the house and Bill shot at it a few times (maybe 8 or 9) and we think hit it at least once and hopefully it died. Must have left the babies under or behind the cement step. Of course, Bill was gone hauling rock this afternoon when I saw the babies. Tony and Sherrie Sander were here working on the shed so Tony took the shovel and gave them a toss out into the lawn. They were only 6-7 inches long, but you know what? They can still spray stinky stuff! Bill got home then and shot the four of them that were out, but I could hear more still under the step. Just a few minutes ago we got 2 more. Hopefully that is all! Skunks do stink!!!

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