Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making Quilt tops

I have been obsessed lately with sewing quilt squares. For years I did only paper pieced quilt squares, after watching some tutorials on different web sites I have found I can do some simple squares without paper piecing. In fact, I started and finished one small baby size quilt top yesterday. Of course that means nothing else is getting done around here! I did take down my snowmen and put up some Easter things. I guess that is why it snowed again.

We had Evening Circle last night. For the past few years we have made cherry pie tarts (in honor of President's Day) for our nursing home and older church members. Last night we made 24 cherry pies. Some of us work in the kitchen, the others make the tags we put on the bags the pies go in. They will be delivered today. A few of our members are really good crust makers--then there are those like me who think pie crust comes from the store!

When Circle was over we had to go out and scrape the ice from the windshields of our cars. The highway wasn't cleared either--thank goodness I only met one car because I couldn't tell where exactly the road was. Hopefully today will be better.

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