Wednesday, February 2, 2011

They said we were going to have a Blizzard

And we did! The snow drift between my front door and the picnic table must be at least 10 feet tall. All the east windows are covered in snow. I have lived here all my life and can't remember when the bathroom window was completely full of snow between the window and screen. Since the wind is from the west this morning I have closed the shades and curtains on the west side of the house (oh how I miss my big trees) and the house is like a dungeon with the east windows full of snow! Bill is out with the snowblower on the tractor now--do you think he wants to go to town to play cards?

Card club was held here Saturday night. It was Ann's birthday also so we sang to her as she blew out a candle on the birthday cupcake Sue Deerberg brought for her. She was also lucky in cards and won a prize. It was a fun night. Sunday we ate spaghetti at the Lowden Lion's dinner at the Amvet's Hall. Monday I went to school and had a busy day doing everything from matching little pictures to beginning 1st letters to cutting laminated "waves" to having 1st graders read their vocabulary words to me. Always interesting is sitting in the teachers lounge during lunch.

Jenny & Josh Horman are expecting their first baby in July. That will make 3 grandchildren for Randy and Sandra. Jenny is a teacher at school and was eating pickles for lunch!

Hope everybody is safe and warm.

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