Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quilt square making

I've been in a quilt square making mood since we had the blizzard. I watched a tutorial on the computer and thought "I can make that" and I have enough squares made now for a pretty good sized quilt. Now the hard part is putting them together. I finished the Christmas wall hanging and need to get it quilted--I'll take it to someone who machine quilts. The new fabric shop in Tipton will be doing machine quilting after the 1st of March. The new quilt I am working on is not paper pieced which was a big step out of my comfort zone. Some of the squares are not perfectly square but I'll see how it goes together!

Saturday night was the Legion's beef supper, always a big night with a lot of preparation for Bill to help with. I helped with carry-outs and we fixed up 164 carry-outs including 25 home deliveries (one for Grandma). It was a fun night and hopefully they made some money.

Can't wait to see what Vicki has for the little ones to do for Valentine's Day this morning. No one got to the library last week for story hour because of the storm so this week should be fun and there should be lots and lots of books for me to shelve today. School was fun and busy Monday--the teachers's (I learned about plural and singular possessives in 4th grade this week) schedules were all skewed because of missing 2 days and a late start and an early dismissal. Listening to kindergarden students read to me is always fun--they learn so much so early!

Our search committee at church has received 8 ministerial profiles already and we have a meeting tomorrow night. It will be interesting to see if we agree on whether we want to pursue any of them.

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