Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Old Threshers

Sunday we went to Mt. Pleasant to visit the Old Threshers Reunion. It has been many, many years since I was last there. I know I saw every tractor in Iowa (or maybe even the nation)! Just about every tractor was commented on--so and so had one like this or how did they make this--as we walked down rows and rows of tractors. We sat in the grandstand and watched biggest part of the Parade led off by old cars and then the tractors(again) and the steam engines. We walked thru the old car museum and found where a local Clarence man had set up his little engines that ran a water pump, corn sheller etc. We walked through the arts & craft building (at a run!) and walked through some buildings housing antiques for sale. It was a beautiful day weather wise with just enough wind to remind us what the old threshers must have smelled like--the coal and/or wood smoke, steam belching out, the old whistles on the steam engins. Nice day and was glad to be able to go.

We spent Labor Day having fun too. Rick & Deb and us went to Riverside first thing in the morning (left here at 7:00, back at 11:45) and then went to Klahns for an afternoon of cards with Schroeders and Klahns and a pot luck supper. Home by 9:00. Now back to the real world.

Keep waiting to hear news of a little one from the Kibbe household!

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