Monday, September 20, 2010

Neighborhood wedding

Saturday night was Jason & Jessie Schroeder's wedding at the Clarence church with a reception in Walcott. Very nice, very simple, very pretty. The church was full, the reception very crowded. Jason is Donna's grandson; Jason & Jessie and their daughter Peyton live a mile west of us. Jason is a farmer and works part time for the post office.

Thursday night we took the Edsel to the car show in Tipton. They had the farmer's market going on and food vendors; games and balloons for the kids. Not very many cars and not too many people. Probably last car "doings" this year is our Wisconsin trip coming up this weekend. Then we can bring the car back home and Grandma can park her car wherever in the garage she wants! Bill talked to her neighbors and they no longer park their cars right behind Grandma's garage. Took Grandma to her chiro appointment Tuesday morning. He still wants to see her every 2 weeks.

Off to school this morning and tonight is Evening Circle at Fox's pond. We always look forward to this meeting and supper. I have to give devotions so hope that turns out ok.

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