Monday, September 27, 2010

2010 car cruise part 2

So, more of our ride and eat weekend--which is mainly what we did! After seeing George Stauffer's million dollar cars we visited Little Norway. We took the $10 tour and saw old buildings built by Norwegians back in the day. One interesting building was an international building at the Worlds' Fair in Chicago--built in Norway, reconstructed in Chicago, torn down again and put together (with all the pieces numbered) again in Wisconsin. Our tour guide was interesting and wore a beautiful outfit and jewelry. After that we made our way to Lodi and the Best Western motel. Very nice (and only $63.30)! Our supper meal was at Fitz's On the Lake where the speciality was prime rib and fish. I had cornflake encrusted walleye. Good--wish I had been hungry!

Sunday morning after a small breakfast at the hotel we made our way across the lake on a ferry to Merrimac. No charge for the short ride on the ferry. After all the cars were across we were on our way to Hillcrest for a brunch. We had been there before and knew it was very good. From there we went to the "World Famous Jim Delaney's Shopping Experience". A big warehouse full of everything from food, construction paper, hand cleaners, tools, door knobs--anything and everything you never knew you needed. Bill called it junk. Maybe so. We didn't buy anything!

Finally, to the highlight of our Wisconsin trip for me--the apple orchard. We were at The Oakwood Fruit Farm where I did buy apple cider doughnuts and 2 bags of apples, Honey Crisp and a new kind called Ambrosia. Of course while there you can have an apple to taste and taste a doughnut. Rick was running out of gas so the farmer gave him a couple gallons. The Cedar County cars left for home from there (a couple of us stopped in Dubuque at the casino--I won so it was ok.)

Big weekend, had a good time. Now back to farming. When I got home from school they were combining corn at Bill's mother's. I had a busy day at school from running the die cut machine to copying a music book.

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