Monday, September 27, 2010

2010 car cruise

This weekend was the Wisconsin car cruise. For my car geek nephews here is a list of the cars with us: a rare '82 Olds 462, '57 Chev, '59 Edsel, '68 Camero, '40 Ford, a couple Nova's, 2005 Corvette, Chev Impala, a '94 & '66 Mustang, Indie special Mustang, '55 Chev, a 60's era Dodge convertible, SSR pickup, '62 Chev, BMW, and Mercury Cougar. Those are the ones I can remember. Our first stop was New Diggings, WI, for lunch at Anton's Saloon, home of the Macho Burger. From there we took winding rustic roads. Going thru Darlington, WI we even got to be part of their Homecoming parade--it was just finishing as we got there so we were at the end of it--one person even asked if we were going to come back next year! Our destination was George Stauffer's car collection of nostaliga race cars, mostly road race cars, a Bentley, a car that had belonged to Queen Elizabeth, a collection of model cars and a brand new, one day old, red Nissan, beautiful car. His collection is worth over $100 million we were told. It is not for public tours; he let us in because he is a good friend of the guy who led our tour.

More later--I'm off to school.

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