Monday, August 16, 2010

This and That

Seems like we spent the last week wiping sweat and swatting flies! Today it feels like I should take down the summer decor and put up fall. I know, it is too early for fall but what a beautiful day it is today. The beans are starting to turn in some fields and I noticed brown on the bottom of the corn stalks. Fall can't be too far away.

Lynne, I like the city with one skyscraper title. Laura, we have been wondering how you fared with the flood waters. Thanks for doing your blog and adding the pictures. I check every day to see what is new! Chelsey, we need more pictures!

Not much happened this past week. I got the lawn mowed again and maybe now it won't grow so much. I have picked a lot of cucumbers from my one plant; got some ripe tomatoes, even picked more beans. I love cucumbers but now have more than I can eat. Even made an Asian style cucumber salad that used soy sauce. It was ok, but think I will throw the rest out.

Chiro appt. for mother tomorrow, Bill's 70th birthday is Wednesday--no plans yet. There is a program planned for Tuesday night at the Massillon cemetery for a WWII veteran commemerating his 100th birthday--a Dr. Shick who has hospitals named after him. Bill will be in the Legion color guard. Sounds like it will be interesting. Dr. Shick was the 1st medical officer killed in World War II. I'll let you know how it was next week.

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