Monday, August 9, 2010

Lethargic weather

Just don't feel like doing anything with the rain and heat and humidity. The vacumn pushes so hard across the floor, the windows need washing but it rains all the time and it's too hot. I guess I need a vacation! We did indeed take a very mini-vacation Saturday if doing a whole lot of things in a short time counts as a vacation. We left here at 1:30 to get the Edsel from Mother's garage to be in Clarence at 2:00 to meet the other collectible cars; K C Syring and his hard top convertible; Ron & Kathy Robinson in their Charger and Brian & Becky Bergman in their Mustang. We drove down to Riverside Casino for their car show. Already there was Rick & Deb in their '57 Chevy and Glen & June Gadke in their car (sorry, I don't know what it is). Spent about an hour in the casino, left my money there too! Came back to Clarence for their Highway Buy-Way day car cruise which was just a drive on the Clarence Streets. We left from there, picked up Mother in the Edsel (she loves that) and went to the Lowden Park for their Park Days supper. After taking Mother and the Edsel back to their respective places, we went to Pat & Betty Blake's 50th wedding anniversary reception. Could have eaten supper in any of the places we visited--why did this have to be all on the same night? We heard the Manchester car cruise was Saturday too, missed that.

School here starts the 25th, teachers have to go on the 20th. I told Ann if she needed help before school starts to let me know. She is going to be busy; her daughter's baby is due the 26th if she goes that long and they already know the baby has some issues and will be in intensive care for a little while after she is born. Hope the best for all of them.

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