Monday, August 23, 2010

50th class reunion--who me?

Friday night was spent planning my 50th class reunion--no, that can't be!!! Bill & I and 4 others went to Marion to a class mates' condo and out for supper. We are planning a river supper cruise next August. Now to do the letters etc. to get everyone invited.

Sunday we were on a car cruise that started and ended in Bennett. Went thru Clarence, Stanwood, Olin, Wyoming, Monmouth, Baldwin, Maquoketa (where we stopped for a break at the WalMart parking lot and Sherrie, Ashley & Milan came to see us), Lost Nation, Toronto, Wheatland, Big Rock, Dixon and back to Bennett. Nice ride, good weather--just a little hot--good supper served when we got back. We figure about 65 cars. There was a car just like we used to have that Grandpa Fehling drove, 1959 Ford in that greenish blueish color.

Caitlin graduates this week, Caleb is engaged. Congrats to both!!!

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  1. A car just like MY first car? Does Bill remember replacing the leaky radiator for me so I didn't have to carry a bucket to refill it?