Monday, August 2, 2010

My lawn

My lawn is a mess! Thanks to all the rain and the water grass, grass that gets too long before I mow, and the moles, yuk! I have dead grass (if I lived in town I would have to rake) laying all over the lawn. That is except where the mole has dug and left mounds of dirt, and killing the grass wherever he traveled. We have 160 acres here, why does he like my lawn the best? In other horticultural news, I have been getting a cucumber every other day and one of the tomatoes has turned a slight orange. I have had enough green beans to eat with my little 2 foot row. A friend gave me some pole beans and Sherrie brought more cucumbers. Yum!!

Off to get a hair cut this morning; taking Mother to the chiro tomorrow, library on Wednesday and maybe a day out with Vicki on Thursday. This weekend brings a car show at Riverside Casino; Blake's 50th anniversary celebration at the Lowden Legion; Lowden Park Days, Clarence's car show and street dance and the Highway 30 ByWay garage sales. I think those are all on Saturday. Where to go, where to go.

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