Sunday, March 7, 2010

is spring here?

Another busy week culminating with the celebration of Klahn's 50th anniversary. A reception was held in our church yesterday afternoon where 5 of us from Circle served cake and ice cream to almost 200 people, although Marilyn was ready for 400 and she had to take home 195 pieces of cake that wasn't eaten. Marilyn's mother was taken to the hospital Friday with pneumonia and wasn't doing real well and we hope the best for her.

Pastor Barb officiated at her 3rd funeral of the week Saturday morning. Monday we went to Stan Boedeker's funeral; Wednesday I helped serve the luncheon after Howard Fisher's funeral and Saturday Bill helped with military services for Walter Lafrenz. Hope this string of deaths is over. We have lost more from our church this year so far than we did all of last year.

Thursday I spent nearly the whole day helping in Ann's math classes. She was trying to teach adding and subtracting fractions. Must be a hard concept to get. No, 1/2 and 1/3 is not 2/5 and if you knew that one half of 6 is 3, it would be a lot easier. 8/8 is the same as 1 just like 3/3 is the same as 1. Gosh, I thought that 6th graders would know this. It seems to me a lot of the kids are going to be lost next year and the next. Of course, I work with the ones that need the most help; maybe it isn't as bad as I think. Iowa Basic Skills tests are coming up and Ann is trying to teach these fractions so they do better on the tests. I don't always agree we should teach to the tests as they say.

This week I will make some lasagna to take to the supper Evening Circle provides before the Lenten Service at our church. Something I've only done once or twice. Hope it turns out!

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