Sunday, February 28, 2010

Isn't the sun shine great?

It is a pretty morning; although cold. Like to see the sun shine. Maybe it did start shining a little early this morning; card club last night and we didn't get home till 12:45 which is really late for me! Bill won low prize, me nothing. Next month we are the hosts and we are planning a dinner at the 3-30 club before cards here. For some reason I always get to have the last card club of the season and get to plan the dinner.

Will be spending a lot of time at church this coming week with funerals and Klahn's 50th anniversary. Luckily I have the time and can help out. I was looking through cookbooks to see what food I want to take to which funeral. Today we are going to the Lion's spaghetti bake lunch before going shopping for an anniversary gift for Klahns and going to Stan Boedeker's visitation. Friday night we went to the Legion fish fry. It went over so well they are planning another one in March.

Thursday was a short day at school because of conferences. I was busy though with helping Ann's math students do work with fractions. If this gets any harder I am going to have to go back the grade school to volunteer or else take the class along with the 5th graders.

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