Monday, March 22, 2010

UNI wins!

How exciting for Iowa; UNI winning; the Iowa wrestling team winning; the Iowa girls winning their first round game. We'll see what happens this weekend!

Had card club here Saturday night preceeded by supper at the 3-30 Club in Lowden. We had a very nice supper with good food and a surprise birthday ice cream for Teresa Lillienthal (who is Adam Horman's mother-in-law) as it was her birthday Saturday. Cards were fun and prizes won by Ann & Bob Pruess, Gary Deerberg and Duane Stonerook. I served brownies and ice cream for desssert.

Our interim, Pastor Mark Buck, starts tomorrow. Yesterday Aaron Horman led the worship service. His sermon (which he wrote himself) was about change--personally for him as they expect their new baby and change for our church. Megan said Sunday that she gets a shot each week to hopefully keep her from starting labor early as she did when Carter was born. She is a week ahead of last time when she had to spend so much time in the hospital before Carter's birth. We all pray she can continue carrying this baby to full term. So many additions to our extended family, how wonderful!

The snow we had Friday night/Saturday morning is just about gone, although it is still cold this morning. Looking forward to some warmer weather.

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