Sunday, February 21, 2010

more snow on the way?

The weather forecast is for more snow, can't tell it now; maybe after church?

An uneventful week really, not much going on. I did go to my first Tupperware party in ages; surprised to find they still sell the kid's plastic ball that shapes go in--I still have the one my kids had! I learned more about geometry at school on Thursday and helped 2 kids do division problems; they had missed all of the 10 problems so we worked on that. 2 of the teachers' mothers had had accidents, and both have back problems from them. Mrs. Roelf was in Africa on safari when the bus she was in hit a bump and she hit her head on the roof causing a compression. Ouch! The other one had a car accident on black ice and rolled her car many times and also injured her back.

Wednesday night was Ash Wednesday service at our church. Choir sang and we were so surprised to see the church full of people when we walked in. We are used to seeing maybe 20-30 people! Most of the people there were from Clarence and Wheatland. Nice service; Rev. Mears did the sermon. As most people know Pastor Barb has only 3 Sundays left before she is done.

Friday we took recycling to the recycling center south of Tipton and then went on to Muscatine where we walked thru the Farm and Fleet store and also went to HyVee. Yesterday we took a drive up a little north of Andrew to look at a tractor at a consignment sale, except that the tractor wasn't there. Nice ride though; pretty area north of Andrew.

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