Monday, February 15, 2010

Busy week

This past week was a good one. Wednesday I helped at the library and Thursday at school. And to my teacher sisters: I learned a little bit about geometry. I now know what a ray, line and segment are, and the meaning of vertex and parallel. Of course, that was the 5th grade class!

On Friday, Deb Sawyer and I ventured to Iowa City to have Caitlin cut my hair. Besides getting a hair cut, we took advantage of the make-up demonstration that LaJames was doing and both Deb and I got our make-up done. After that we went to the Ped Mall for lunch and looking around. Great to have a tour guide for the day. (Rick's 3 girls went to Iowa to college so Deb knew her way around.) Friday night Bob & Donna Schroeder went with us to Marcia Kleppe's mom's visitation in Olin, to Hale for supper and back to Schroeder's for a few games of cards.

Saturday night was the Legion Beef supper, always a big event for Bill. Over 600 people came to eat and we served around 200 of them at carry-out where I helped. Milan and Sherrie came and we visited until time to go home. Yesterday I went to church and then Bill watched (or slept and snored) thru the Daytona 500. No big Valentine Day for us!

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