Wednesday, January 4, 2012

bigfoot tracks

On my walk this afternoon I followed Bigfoot tracks up the road to the south and to the north. I know this is Bigfoot but Grandpa is trying to convince me they are horse print tracks. More fun for the tracks to be Bigfoot, don't you think?

Took on another volunteer job; this one typing the complete Clarence Centennial Book; it was published in 1959. It will be on the Iagenweb site when I get it finished. There is a lot of narrative which is fun to type; the not so much fun is a chart of advertisors and one of photographs. I have learned a lot about the history of Clarence. I am still typing obituaries on the site also and am finding out who is related to who, some of which have surprised me. This is in between trying to find time to make some quilt squares, I received a bunch of pretty fat quarters for Christmas so I need to make some time to work with them. While volunteering at the library I am typing up a list of marriages that have been written in a note book by some ambitious person starting in 1903. I have gotten as far as 1925. That will also be on the web site--someday!

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