Wednesday, January 11, 2012

BB game

We went to our first North Cedar basketball game last night. North Cedar played Tipton and both NC varsity girls and boys won easily. We specifically went to this game to see Ron Elijah's ex-wife's son, Alex, (who lives with Ron) play for Tipton. As a sophomore he was on the starting varsity team (he also quarterbacks the football team for Tipton). They need some leadership and maybe by the time he is a senior he can be a leader and they will win some games. We enjoyed the game and except for the 4 year old sitting beside us who was taken here and there by his mother numerous times it was a fun night. Much better than staying home and watching the Hawkeye's lose.

We are planning our first cookbook committee meeting next Thursday at my house. I would appreicate it if those of you who read this would send me a couple of recipes to publish in the book. The more recipes the better! We plan on having this book ready by October so it can be used as Christmas gifts.

Spent yesterday at the library after taking mother to her chiro appointment. Her neck is hurting her again. I don't believe the chiro was of much help. Vicki and I went to Schneid's for lunch and then took a walk around town before coming back to the library to proof read what I had typed.

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